10 ways to market your eCommerce website

An e-commerce website is a website which allows the merchant to sell goods and services to consumers through the click of a mouse. E-commerce has made billions of transactions simpler due to its ease of use and quick browsing options.  The first online transaction happened on August 12, 1994 in New York. This marked the rise of the e-commerce era. Since then many companies have established an ecommerce presence and sell goods and services on a regular basis to consumers.

 In the event that you have chosen to go online with your business, an e-commerce website would be a great step in that direction. However the biggest problem when launching your e-commerce website online is that you may not receive traffic to your store unless you are a well-established business where customers are already looking for your specific brand or products. If you do not receive traffic to your store, this cannot lead to conversions in terms of sales or newsletter signups.

Here are 10 ways to market your ecommerce website

  1. Establish your online presence – One important step in making sure that your brand is visible to others is establishing your online presence.  An online presence can be set up by pursuing web-based media stages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. These social media platforms will help accelerate the organic traffic coming into your store. When people run into your social media posts, platforms, pages and notice how your products can help provide a solution, they are more likely to follow through to your website where a potential conversion could be made. It is important that all the social media platforms are linked to the ecommerce website so that customers can easily click and follow through to your ecommerce website.
  • Make content – Online content can assist with expanding the natural reach of your brand. It is important to create different types of content which are interesting and relevant to your brand, service and products. The content should describe how the brand, product or service could solve consumer’s problems. There are different types of online content; they can be a simple well written blog or even video content which showcases how your product or service functions and help solves problems. Relevant content can help market your business and bring in new customers who have no idea about your brand.
  • Optimize your website’s SEO strategy – A good seo strategy is important for your website’s growth in the long term. It is going to help your website rank higher on Google’s pages so it’s quite important to keep evaluating your Seo strategy.  The top 3 or 4 websites on Google’s first page are the ones which get the majority of the traffic, so it is essential to work on your Seo strategy. Some of the common  things to look at on your Seo strategy is making sure to use relevant keywords on your website, blogs , making sure your page reload speeds are good,meta tags and meta descriptions are relevant and on point. All of these are going to help boost your website’s natural traffic coming in.
  • Develop a strong email strategy – A strong email strategy can help increase your brands conversions. It is important to collect emails of customers so you can market your products or services whenever you have an interesting offer, sale or deal which you feel that the customer may like. Email marketing is an effective tool when used properly and can definitely help reach existing customers or previous ones.
  • Optimize your website for mobile – A lot of transactions are made on mobiles these days. So it is quite important that your website functions efficiently on mobile devices. The website reload speeds should be fast and the website should be organized in a way that it is understandable to someone’s eyes while accessing it on their phone.
  • Consider influencer marketing and giveaways – Another way to increase your brand’s visibility is to consider influencer marketing. Influencers with a certain niche similar to your brand can help shout out your brand and also showcase how your product or service would work on their social media platforms. This could lead to increased growth and visibility of your presence as a brand and also create conversions for your business. Giveaways are also a great idea, whenever a brand does giveaways; People are encouraged to follow their social media platforms to win the giveaway prize which in turn strengthens the brands online social presence even more. All of these are viable solutions to grow your business and ecommerce website.
  • Consider SEM – Search engine marketing is when you pay Google to advertise your website at the top of their search results page. This is great if you want instant results rather than waiting for a while to bring in traffic and conversions on your website. Whenever someone Google’s products or services which are similar to your brand’s niche, Google will automatically display your website as a sponsored ad at the top of the search results page. This makes it much easier to get customers to click and come onto your website.
  • Consider sponsored posts – Another way to market the products and services on your ecommerce website is through sponsored posts. Online platforms permit you to promote your products and services when you pay them. This will then help boost traffic to your website.Social media platforms such as Facebook ads also help you to narrow down on your demographics and their interests which makes targeting even more easier and convenient to secure the right type of people for your specific brand or product. It is also important that your sponsored posts have a call to action link so users get encouraged to take action after viewing your post.
  • Create backlinks from other websites – This is interlinked with content creation. If you make valuable relevant content on your website. This increases the chances that a website would backlink to your website. When your website gets backlinks. This can be beneficial in increasing the traffic coming from their website onto yours and hence create conversions on your website.
  1. Use Display advertising – Display advertising is another way to make users notice your products or brand. You could advertise your products or services on a website page which is relevant to your niche. So suppose if people are reading a blog on how to get bigger arms. A fitness equipment company could display their unique dumbbells onto that particular page. So when a user is reading the blog on how to build bigger arms, he will notice the ad for weight lifting equipment and click onto the website.


As a conclusion here are 10 ways to market your e-commerce website. All of these are viable solutions, However it is necessary to analyze and assess your brand, create an effective marketing plan and strategy and choose the best marketing options that will work for your particular brand, service and product. It is also important to use analytics tool or software to analyze customer’s behavior on the website as it can tell us a lot about how consumers are reacting to your products or services after coming into your website and if conversions are being made or not. 

Article on – 10 ways to market your eCommerce website – written by – Vignesh Yoganand (Intern)

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