Beauty Salon Digital Marketing: Top 5 Tips

Beauty Salon Digital Marketing
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Beauty salon is a place where people take time for them,to rejuvenate and release stress from there busy life’s and have some pampering sessions to look and feel good. However Things doesn’t seem to be the same since we are at the midst of a global pandemic Covid-19, it was never been so important for a salon to have Digital marketing to generate revenew earlier as it demands now.

With the world changing in the wake of Covid-19, this article will give you more information on beauty salon Digital marketing tips for your salon.

Top 5 Tips for Beauty Salon Digital Marketing are as follows:-

1) Organic Customer Reviews On Google And Social Media Handles: We should encourage each and every Happy Customer to rate our beauty salons specifically mentioned with Covid-19 Precautions taken at the Salon online after completion of service ,this has to be done as part of end of the visit process from front Desk Manager and the serviced expert.

This will help in getting more Foot traffic at the salon be it new customer or existing customer will feel safe visiting salon during pandemic, very important always respond to the reviews received for your beauty salon this will also add additional benefit for the salon to generate more revenue.

The reviews can be given on Google, Facebook and beauty salon owned website the more reviews the more trust we build and gain in return. There is a saying that people tend to remember most by reading or seeing certain things for a longer time so it is always beneficial to encourage clients for their feedback via review, This will also help us in improving ranking where client themselves are doing marketing for us by giving their genuine experience online 

2) Create Magic Moments by Clicking Before and after picture Of Client at Beauty Salon: The best way to Gain Trust and Concur the Target Clients which will eventually generate more Revenue is by doing this amazing Digital Marketing trick, where you create Magic around your Beauty salon, therefore you showcase your Experts Talent and Technique to Beautify the Client in its own way.

Create a social Handle as a means of getting new foot traffic and more service enquiry within a fraction of time. Best social Handles for salon digital marketing is (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube) create a page or profile with Salon name and area name as username and start posting the content with trending hash tags and image related tags so that we can reach more genuine clients.

 Always post Picture by Merging before and after picture in one frame both the images must be with good light and proper picture quality no extra frames is recommended let the image create a magic, it is always suggested to encourage clients about new trends, style change and color advices before clicking the image and very important take client consent before posting it online as some clients won’t feel comfortable about it and avoid capturing pictures from front where client face is visible never capture picture which shows client identity.

3) Create Combo and Cash back Deals: Beauty salon  must always offer Steal deals to maintain the client conversion and improve up-selling of services and product at the beauty salon everyday basis  ,creating attractive deals is never out of trend you tend to generate more business during Offers at salon compared to no deals at the salon.

Always create deals like 50% cash back on spend of 6999/-,or Buy 2 service get one service free, global color or keratin treatment at 5999/-,pay for facial get waxing free and lot more depending on your client behavior at the salon, this has to be derived by the entire salon team including the Manager.

Post the offers online create a hard copy and display around the salon so that the client is aware of the ongoing offer and enquire about the deals at the front desk always have a deadline for the active offer so that client is converted within period of time and doesn’t extend for longer period of time.

4) Create a Brand and be Consistent: There are mini points under this topic where you can find a way in how to create a brand or if you are already a brand than how to be consistent, it always takes time to create a brand or trust of a people but trust me it also easy only things you have to do is create a brand name,logo,strongly built website where you list the service provided under the salon and list of feedback of clients

Allow online appointment booking system: upload the salon number where clients can book appointment online or call at the salon directly and book their desired time as it will be more convenient for client

SOP driven services: this will give you the best clients if followed aggressively from small service like eyebrow to higher end service  hair straight treatment ,every service need to have a proper protocols where it is followed by every individual team member at the salon ,so that no matter who does the service client feels the same experience.

Don’t be pricy: Make sure the service charge is ethical and not out of the budget to any client keep different prize variants from low to high prices depending upon the product used

Open to suggestion: after service ask client about their experience  on how to be better as salon what need to be improved  keep a note of it as every mini detail will help to improve from better to best, as their feedback matters to be more client friendly salon.

5) Maintain Salon Hygiene and staff Grooming :Salon is a place where it gets dirty very often so there must be a system to clean the stations post service and every morning the entire salon section to be cleaned weekly at least once the deep cleaning process to be done.

Maintain a salon checklist which can include from washrooms, waxing rooms, facial rooms, hair cutting section, spa section, waiting section in short the entire salon section need to be check listed by manager at least thrice a day.

With Hygiene even the operators need to wear a clean hygienic uniform always ,females need to tie their hair, men with properly chopped beard and hair, zero nail filing of the entire staff and perfumes used by all

Conclusion: There are much more tips and tricks on how to Market Beauty Salon Digital Marketting, however it depends on which trick helps your salon to generate more business, you have to test and trail all the above tips and see which one works at your salon depending on client behavior and demand apply strong marketing strategies as passing days there are new trends on everyday basis.

This Article is written by Shaik Sumera

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