Google Ads are smart targeting

Google Ads are smart targeting

Google Ads are smart targeting. You think so too?

“Oh God! what are Google Ads now?”, she asked in frustration.

Deepika Singh, a 24-year-old enthusiast, was losing her way in digital platform.

Digital Marketing is next big thing now and we are already getting overwhelmed with the information, courses and certificates on it.

Just like us, even Deepika is exhausted looking for right information. She always wanted to be independent and that is the reason she opted to understand and implement things for herself instead of being dependent on others.

She says and I quote, “Everything is available but the only cost is time.”

And she is right is what I think. Don’t you also think so?

You are here, reading this for absolutely free.

Value will be created here in a minute but still, don’t you agree? Everything is available is free of monetary cost but we still have to pay some cost of time.

Now let us try to prove our statement to Deepika.

“Google Ads are smart targeting!”

Google Ads can be understood better only after understanding 3 terms individually.
1) Google
2) Ads
3) Target

  1. Google

Now, you can think, “I know Google, I use it all the time.” But sometimes there is more than what actually meets the eyes.

See, if you want to run ads on Google then you have to know Google.

Let us spend 1-2 mins to understand about it.

Google is NOTthe only search engine. Yes, you heard it right.

Google is the search engine but it definitely is not the only search engine.

Google has lots and lots of information, more than we can imagine.
But still, isn’t it true that we get information only about what we search?

Mind you, it is not only in Google but in all the search engines.

How does that happen? How does anyone filter all the unwanted information and provide exactly what is required?

That is exactly what search engine does. It will scan through all the pages of information it has and based on all the words/images that is being used, the search engine will decide if pages are relevant to us or no. It will present only relevant information.

So that is little bit about the Google. 

  • Ads

What do we mean by Ads?

     It is nothing but the paid marketing online.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are 2 ways of doing it.
a) Organic Marketing
b) Paid Marketing

Organic is beyond the scope for Deepika. So, let us discuss what is paid marketing.

Paid Marketing is when you are paying an extra amount to the platform like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to appear in the news feed.

What exactly do we mean by that?
It means we are paying some amount to the platform to give us preference over the free content so that many people will find us and start recognizing us.

That, precisely, is marketing. Right?

Marketing is when you want others to recognize you and your brand. What is the better way to make that happen than actually peeping into their daily routine like social media? It is all about recognizing and brand is nothing with no recognition.

How are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads different from Google Ads?

Let us say, Deepika is trying to sell dresses and let us also assume that she is running ads everywhere like Facebook, Instagram and Google.

What happens in Facebook and Instagram, usually? What do we do on such platforms?
We just scroll and scroll and scroll, aimlessly.
People will not be looking to buy dresses on Facebook and Instagram but if they appear in their feed people might or might not ignore it.

People might choose to visit the account/page and check out the dress for sale or just ignore it.

Don’t judge them for not buying. They were not looking to buy it in first place.

If I am going to a PVR then I am not looking for vegetables there. I am looking for movies. But if it so happens that vegetables are also available then I might or might not buy it based on my need.

Same holds good for all social media platforms and their Ads.

But there is huge difference when it comes to Google Ads.

Google Ads acts like celebrity. It is like I am going to PVR and there is many posters about one movie.

I will obviously be tempted to check out that movie.

That is what Google Ad does.

When we search for something, Google will first show us the Ads which are very relevant to us and then go with free content.

Mind you, even the Ads will be relevant. Google will not blindly display about things that are not relevant. It will work only for the Ads that are very relevant.

First 3-4 links on every Google search are ads. The Advertiser will be charged only when we click on those links.

He is not charged based on the number of appearances of the ads but merely on the number of clicks on the Ads.

  • Target

Now that we know Google does an excellent job in being found by the people who are actually searching, we have to know what it is called.

It is called Targeting the right crowd.

Every time I am searching for dress and Deepika’s Ad appears that means I am targeted and Deepika has done amazing job in targeting me because I was exactly looking for the dresses.

This is about Ads and what are google ads.

Every brand, based on what they are selling, prefer different types of Ads.

It is not possible to reach huge crowd organically in the beginning. So, it is important to Ads.

Ad is no more a ‘want’ but a ‘need’ now.

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