Digital Marketing for Private Schools

Digital Marketing Strategy for Private Schools

Digital Marketing for Private Schools

Education is a big booming and profitable industry in India because a huge percentage of the population is students. And, private schools are a very big and important part of that industry. Usually, private schools are more organized and come with more facilities than govt. schools. So, to make a profit, they need marketing to get students and become better than the rival ones.

Nowadays, because of getting more digitally independent, making a digital presence is very important to reach students and parents. Through these underwritten points, I am trying to give a basic marketing strategy to does that will give a private school to reach its potential customers and make a good online presence.

These underwritten steps will be enough for having a strong marketing presence of schools.

 1. Making a Website: The very first to get a digital audience is to make an online presence. Having an informative and user-friendly website will make sure that the audience spends more time with the website and also make them more interested in the school. Every school website should contain the main things like address, phone number, helpline number, facilities, fees structure, etc., and things like mentioning toppers name with photo, research papers, awards, ceremonies, etc.

2. Keyword Research: To ensure that a website reaches its target audience, keyword research is a must-do thing for every online brand. Keyword research will help us in three ways-

i) Ranking in Google.                                                                                                               

ii) Local Seo (Google My Business).

iii) Run PPC ads (Google Ads).

Keywords like Best private schools near me, Good private schools near me, Private schools in (city or place name), etc. will help to reach target audiences more accurately.

3. Google My Business: Creating a Google my business account will help in getting local Seo support. Google my business is a free account by Google to help local businesses.

3. Social Presence: Only having a website and running ads may not help to get engagements. Today, students and parents both use Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Creating a Facebook page for school and posting ceremony videos, student’s reviews, student’s photos, etc. will make customers take emotional decisions. Similarly, other social media like Instagram will be a great option for photos.    

4. Engage with Us: Having an engage with us page that contains name, ph. Number, the email address will help to remarket the prospects. Sending emails with exciting offers will ensure that the prospect will think about it.

5. Having a YouTube channel: Nowadays, people are becoming less attentive and they have less time to give attention to reading a long written blog. So, here videos take place of the blog. In videos, we can connect directly with students to explain something. So, schools should have a YouTube channel and through that, they should give free content like chapter explanations and free educational will be more helpful if students also make their own videos and post them on the school’s channel. That will make them more trustworthy and famous because when a teacher teaches on YouTube will teach in front of students; they will surely show more interest in that particular school.

Conclusion: these steps will help to find basic success to build awareness, get engagements, but in the end, conversion and referral steps are totally in hands of schools. It will depend on how impressively they can manage to talk with parents and students. And also, everything mentioned on the website should match with when comes to reality.

Article on Digital Marketing Strategy for Private Schools is written by Akash Guha (Intern)

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